Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Noob suggestions to make eve more fun

I've been playing Eve Online for a couple months now, so I'm totally qualified to judge where it's bad and what can be done to fix it. So this I will do!

Things I'd like to see in Eve:

- PvE combat situations that are more focused on damage prevention than tanking. Pretty much every mission I do is me vs 20 other ships. Getting hit by all of them while I slowly dps down their numbers is the rule for the game. What if instead there were missions where you fight one or two big, evenly matched ships? Then you might actually care about electronic warfare. If I'm getting hit by 20 targets, it makes no sense to sacrifice shields or dps to make one of those 20 miss you half the time. If you're up against one or two targets, reducing the effectiveness of a single target by half can be huge. I want e-war in pve.

- Randomness in mining. Right now, you've got rocks, you have your lasers, you know the mineral prices, and so you can predict with almost certainty exactly how much you'll make if you keep mining for 3-4 hours. That's boring. What if when a laser completed you had a chance to get in addition to the normal ore, a chunk of compressed/dense ore. Or a small amount of some other type of asteroid. Or a random rare gem or something. Make the chance very low, so that when it happens you'll go 'Woot! Proc'ed a gem!', but high enough that you can expect a few per hour. Random events, random drops, in repetitive activities helps hold the attention, and gives you a surge of happiness. When I'm doing combat sites, I think 'Will the named guy drop a rare item I can sell for a lot?', 'Will this wreck salvage into a nanoribbon?' I have an anticipation, hope, reward cycle going. I want there to be a similar cycle for mining.

- Large non-pvp construction projects in high sec. Right now, anything big is just about making ships for pvp. Super caps for your alliance to use against another alliance. That's boring. I want huge non-combat projects. Ring worlds, dyson spheres, orbital elevators, huge things. What about a 6-8 months long competing projects to build solar arrays in each of the 4 empire faction's territories? You'd get some sort of rechargeable module, say a 2-3% increase in cap recharge/shield recharge/boost amount/repair amount/tracking speed/missile explosion velocity/ship velocity, and it only works if you take it to the array every 3-4 days and recharge it. It just seems silly that we're all in space, and all we do is build things to shoot at each other, rather than something grand.

- Fewer troubles setting up player owned structures. You shouldn't have to invest 2-3 billion just to have a place to run your own research projects. The costs of setting up your own base are set around it being a nullsec base for a large corp or alliance, doing moon mining or rare ore refining or whatever. There should be cheaper alternatives for small group, solo players, who don't get the benefit of moon goo, but also don't have to pay that high a cost for setup.

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