Friday, September 2, 2011

Tricked! Not having my computer

I was tricked! There was a minor problem with my work computer, requiring a reboot maybe twice a day to fix a display issue. Somewhat annoying, but quite easily ignored. But I told my sys admin about it and he had someone come out to look at it. The next day, hard crash. Failure to boot. The came out an replaced a part and it was a bad part! Now they've got me on some crappy spare computer that randomly seizes up and chugs trying to open an explorer window. >.< And it doesn't have chrome, and I don't have admin rights so I'm stuck using firefox. And it has on board sound, but no driver for it, so I can't listen to my music. D: This sucks! D:

This of course, has caused some time shifting. I'm spending more time at work simply reading. So I spend more time at home listening to music, web browsing, working on my spreadsheets, etc. And less time playing games. The past week I've raided a bit and I've played fallout new vegas a few hours and that's it. Disappointing. >.<

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