Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricanes Suck

My weekend was less than the happiest of times. Lost power early in the AM of sunday, didn't get it back till late that night. I got a lot of reading done, but not much else.

Also, I've totally screwed up my thinking on the whole Eve PI spreadsheet thing. Give or take price fluctuations, I know that what I set up is maximally profitable. (well I think. kinda, maybe almost). But the problem is that it doesn't hold my attention. It takes far too much effort hauling around items, buying off the market, lamenting lost factory time from not having inputs, etc. So I get bored with it and let all my factories run empty. And make no profit at all. While instead I could set up a more reason system that's less profitable, but won't require much time/focus to keep it going. I have no idea how to spreadsheet for that, to predict how interesting I'll find something in a week or two. A couple weeks ago I thought my maximally efficient set up would hold my interest forever. That didn't work out. >.<

I actually shifted from playing Oblivion to Fallout New Vegas. I've had issues with the fallout games where I spend more time creeping around trying to get sneak attacks than actually having fun. So I set myself a rule. Whenever possible, no stealth. I'll still have to stealth if I'm trying to steal something, or crouch for better accuracy, but when I see an enemy I start shooting at him. So far I'm having decent fun with it. I'm playing 'good', so not much stealing, not killing many people I don't have to (need my star bottle caps! :o ). I'm not to vegas yet, but I've reached the outskirts.

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