Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Games 08/02/2011

World of Warcraft:

My most recent long play session was on Sunday. We tried heroic staghelm, just to get a feel for the encounter. ZOMG, those scythes hit people hard in scorpion mode. Even with prayer of healing spam we're still losing people at 6 or 7 adrenaline. My heal lead says we need to stagger our raid cooldowns so there's a scythe in between each, to let us reach 12-13 stacks on the first scorpion phase. I'm unconvinced. Shrug.

We gave up on heroic and killed it reg. Staghelm is such an awesome fight for disc priests, I always come way out ahead. Scorpion phase is sustained aoe heals, not burst, so disc works really well, and cat phases are mostly tank healing, which is also a win for me. I try not to gloat, but the dps peeps only look at the healing meter, not the absorbs meter. It's a balance between looking good enough that they don't resent my presence, yet still being humble enough that I don't piss off my fellow healers.

They still do resent my presence a bit. 3 healers, 2 of whom are officers, one of which was in the guild we merged with that got us our best dps peeps. But he's not so good, a holy pally that comes in at maybe 60-70% of the healing of me or our holy priest heal lead. Married to our top dps. With 2 healable encounters, our officers have to balance between keeping them happy by bringing in the pally and heal lead, or pushing progression and bringing in me and our heal lead. They just see me taking the spot of their friend. Ah well.

Next raid is tonight. Heroic ryolith is the progression edge. I sat the thursday raid where they worked on him before, so I'm going into it new. Fun times. If I'm not sat again, at least. XD Our MT and raid lead said he wanted me in tonight for it, but I owe our heal lead. He won tier shoulders last time and then later on gave them to me, saying he didn't want to break his set bonus yet so they would just be banked for a couple weeks. An obviously false reason for passing to me, with 5 other players on our token! I'm grateful, but I'm not sure yet what it'll cost me in the long run. Am I being placated? o.O On the other hand, fuck yeah, 4 pc! :D

Eve Online:

I just moved homes! I used to be in caldari space, the forge, but it was so crowded all the time, I didn't feel safe jetcan mining and had a lot of interference while exploring. One by one I moved all my ships to my new spot in Everyshore, where the average peeps in space is less than 10, while still being only 2 systems from the constellation trade hub. Only problem is, Everyshore is gallente and I've been blowing up gallente npcs in my caldari missions for weeks. >.< I don't have access to any level 2 mission npcs, so I'm running level 1's, trying to build up corp rep. Is a bit tricky because several level 1's have ship requirements that won't let my cruiser enter, and I didn't bring over my missile frigate and my gunnery skills suck. Means that I'm hopping between 3 different corps, declining missions that require frigates or that have me kill other empire faction ships (fool me twice!), then going on to the next agent till I can decline again without standing loss.

For skills, I switched it up and trained social a bit, for the standing help. Next up is missile operation V. When that's done, I think I'll go for drones a bit. My drones suck, but that's been ok so far because my caracal has crap for drone space anyway. When I move up to a drake, I'll need to use more drones.

I was tempted to place some ore buy orders, but I don't have anywhere near my new home that gives a 100% refine. Sigh, I need better standings.

Other games:

Had my parents over for a visit on Saturday and showed them Alice Madness Returns. They agreed it was creepy. They found portal 2 very funny.

I bought Catherine, and played it for maybe 20 minutes or so. Looks interesting. I dunno, I'm a little ambivalent about the way they're presenting the adult content stuff. Seems like there's this clear division, there are your normal games and those are fun, and there are outright porn games, and those are fun times, and this is kind of in the middle. Shrug, when I get more time I'll see it more.

Bought a game from the peeps who did Reccetear. Haven't even started it yet. o.O

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