Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Older content in small groups

Yesterday I had probably my most enjoyable time in WoW that I've had since firelands was released. I logged on thinking to do some dailies and saw my friend was in Black Temple. I messaged him and he was soloing trash for rep. I asked if I could join and we had a lot of fun killing stuff. He'd already gotten najentus with the help of another friend who then had left. The two of us killed supremus and then someone else joined us for shade. We ran into a wall in reliquary with perma-disorientate. Then a couple more peeps joined in and we ended up clearing the place. Alas, no legendary.

But we were having a blast, so we said, why not? Let's go to hyjal! Suddenly it was all about killing bosses for old tier so we could transmogrify it in 4.3. I got a few pieces of my tier 5, a few of my tier 6. We cleared bt, hyjal, ssc, and tk. Got around 8k ashtongue rep, 8k scale of the sands. I love the music in BT.

It was a grand, fun time. Completely unrelated to progression. XD

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