Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Games 08/16/2011

Very tired today. Did not sleep well at all.

Let's see, what did I do yesterday.

I played my new hunter alt a bit, in WoW. I'm an orc! A male orc! :o It's somewhat odd, since I'm used to playing sexy female blood elves, night elves, or draenei. I've only been playing an hour or so, but I have to admit, male orcs are very well animated. Simply running forwards, crouching to loot something, etc. Very smooth, natural looking motions. I don't care for the jumping, tbh, but meh! One thing that's an issue is that I've got a boar pet. That's no good. I need to get a turtle or something.

I downloaded a new addon for Oblivion called MMM, martigen's monster mod? Something like that? What it does is add a ton of new monsters into the game, causes them to roam in packs and fight each other. When I logged off to load it, I was standing on a rock looking across a valley and there was a wolf walking slowly across it. With the mod loaded, I logged back in and there were a couple hill giants across the way stomping on some carrion rats, there were some flying imps off to the side that immediately attacked me. On the opposite slope were some skeletons gathered. A lot more monsters than just the wolf! :o I didn't get a chance to play around with it too much, but it looks like it will make the game more interesting, dynamic, and fun. One thing I'm concerned about is that I killed the hill giants and they dropped a _lot_ of loot. Not sure how unbalancing this addon makes things.

Spent a few hours in Eve. It's probably not good that I'm so focused on PI. It's really odd, I know that it's not that great money anyway, but I still keep checking all my spaceports to make sure there's enough materials to keep my factories going for the next day, then going around in my badger collecting stuff to fill them up. I think things will get a lot more passive once I manage to build up a good week's supply of 60-70k of each of my inputs. That'll let me simply wait for other peeps to deliver stuff to me, instead of running around all over myself.

I ran a few level 3 missions. Hit a roadblock when my agent wanted me to go kill other faction ships and wouldn't let me abandon for hours. So I went scanning a bit. Found a wormhole nearby to a c2 system. The system was huge! I set my probes to 32au and spread them out well and still wasn't covering even a tenth of the system. I started running sweeps around orbits at the ecliptic, found 10-12 combat sites, perimeter hangers, etc. Then I found a radar site, and decided that would be my target. Ran out, got my drake, fitted it up for wh'ing and headed out to the site. Had some initial trouble clearing it as the trigger ships for the next wave used cap neutralizers. Didn't want to kill them first, and proc the next wave, but couldn't leave them too long and lose so much energy I couldn't warp away. The second spawn had a battleship, and I'm just sitting in a little drake, with tech 1 heavy missile launchers that I don't have that much skill for anyway. I eventually got him, but it took forever! While I was waiting for him to die, I ran around and collected all the radar goodies. Oddly enough, they weren't locked till you cleared the site, like they are in known space. Something to remember! :o The third wave was two battleships, and I just said fuck it and left. Decent haul, no nano-ribbons, alas, but I got a lot of subsystem research stuff. Doesn't sell great, but it'll probably turn into a few million when I haul it to jita.

Only other thing I did in eve was get a new ship, a badger mark 2! I'd been sitting in my badger, with 7.5k-ish storage, and that was decent, but I knew there were rigs that would improve that. But I didn't want to spend 12 million on rigs for a crappy starter industrial ship. With my badger mark 2, I went all out on rigs and cargo holds, got it up to about 19k m3 of storage. That's almost a full jetcan. :o

There's a raid tonight in WoW. Ugh, I don't really want to bother, I'm sleepy. >.<

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