Thursday, August 11, 2011

Games 08/11/2011

Didn't have much time to play games yesterday, was busy.

Played eve a bit, checking in on my PI stuff. Worked on my spreadsheet more. I have to confess, the whole thing is getting too complex for me to spreadsheet cleanly. I need to program it.

Spent some time in oblivion, exploring lots of shops that are added in Better Cities. Toy shops and tailoring shops. :P I also found a named guy in some ruins who dropped a mace and started a quest. I've played through the game several times before, and I swear I've never seen this quest before. Awesome to still be finding new things in it after all this time.

Raid tonight. Ugh, I don't want to raid, I'm sleepy. Sigh.

My mood: Decent. Started out kind of amused/whimsical, but work killed that fast. 5/10.

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