Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Games 08/17/2011

Yesterday I pretty much got home late from work, got ready for my raid, did the raid, and went to bed. Progression raiding is so time consuming! :o

But the raid went fairly well. We cleared heroic shannox easily, smashed through beth'tilac, baelorac, and alysrazor on reg, and settled down to wipe on heroic rhyolith the rest of the night. We really need to start doing heroic beth'tilac. That fight is just boring, now. I was healing below this week, and we always had a good 7-10 seconds of sitting around waiting for something to spawn each devastation.

Rhyolith is such a pain. The challenging part of the fight is hoping rng doesn't screw you on volcano activates. The night had two basic patterns of wipes. A) Volcanoes aren't flattened fast enough, so we end up with a 10-12 combined debuff stack and healing never really catches up from that. B) we fall behind on adds around the third spark, and the little fragments explode and kill people. The entire night of working on it we only got to phase 2 twice. The first time we had lava flows spawn right on our gather point, and lost 4 peeps when they got hit by a stomp and flows at the same time. The second time we lost 5 people on the second stomp, then kept the rest alive through the next 3 stomps and finally ended up dying to the increasing aoe damage. He had less than 100k hp left. >.< That was painful. It was me and the pally healing it. If it had been me and the holy priest, we'd have had it.

Holy pally is stepping it up, though! I have to admit it. I'm used to him sitting at around 2/3's of my healing. He was ending up at around 80-85% of my healing most attempts. That's good! Kept bitching about going oom and needing more mana, though. Suck it up! We're always just about to go oom at any moment. That's what healing is all about. :P I always try to save my fiend for just before the phase transition, when the fourth spark pops. If the turners have done a good job killing volcanoes, I'm at around 60% mana at that point. If they've not done so well, I'm at around 25-30%, if we didn't wipe before spark 4 from massive damage. This fight isn't really mana intensive, it's a combination of very bursty aoe and heavy sustained aoe. Perfect for a holy and disc priest. XD

We've also got a new healer we're breaking in, a tree. He used to raid with us a while ago as a deeps, and decided to come back as a healer. Shrug. He seems ok. About the same level as the pally. Needs better gear. We're taking turns subbing out for him to get him trash rep and reg boss kills. It's odd, but I don't feel like my raid spot is at all threatened at the moment. All through tier 11 I was a bit worried, as I had by far the crappiest gear in the raid group (I rolled a worgen for the first month of cataclysm isn't of playing my main, so I was well behind the rest of the group), and on good fights I could just about keep up with our holy priest, although he'd pull ahead eventually due to better regen. On some fights I was even falling to third place. :o Not a good situation! But in tier 12, through a combination of luck, good choices, and lots of gold, I'm not the best geared in the raid, but probably the best geared healer. And my healing output is sometimes just ridiculous. I'm hitting 25k hps on staghelm. 14-15k on most fights. I do maybe 120% of the next best healer, 150% of the worst. I'm not necessarily the most liked player, some of our more hardcore peeps find my cheerful/whimsical attitude somewhat grating (they don't like my singing sunflower! :o ), but I'm strong enough that I feel very secure in my spot. That's a comfortable situation.

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