Saturday, August 6, 2011

Games 08/06/2011

So I just had my first major loss in Eve. Entirely my own fault. Scanned out a wormhole, got my drake and went through, cleared up a sleeper site, got back to my wormhole and it was gone. With my scan ship back on the other side. Had to self-destruct. The drake was insured, of course, but refitting it cost another 20million isk or so, and I still need to buy a new set of +3 implants, probably set me back perhaps another 40 million? Ah well. These things happen. I'm trying not to get upset about it. Think I better spend some more time running missions to make up the isk. :P

I've been trying to set up oblivion, that I just downloaded from steam. I've been trying to gather up addons and having lots and lots of trouble getting them to work. Spent a couple hours thrashing back and forth trying to deal with crashes and worse, when it doesn't crash but just doesn't work, without any errors or indication of why it doesn't work. Finally worked out the main problem was that the steam version I have has the last modification date of the archives really recent, more recent than the mods I'm trying to get it to work with, so the whole archive invalidation thing doesn't work. Finally found an option to change the last modify date back several years, and now it works. There's just a few more I want to add, and then I can start actually planning my character. I'm thinking I'll go with a heavy armor knight type. I've beat the game as a stealthy char and as a mostly magic char, but I've shied away from the pure physical damage chars. I do want to finish the game again before skyrim comes out. When oblivion came out I never really could get back to morrowind, even though I enjoyed it far better than oblivion. Ah well.

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