Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Games 08/03/2011

WoW was a big failure last night. Our MT lost power just before the raid was about to start and our third backup tank decided he didn't want to pve anymore, just arena. We could have still gone on to work on Ryolith or Baelorac but our MT is by far our best tank, and peeps didn't want to spend hours wiping. Our MT managed to get back on an hour and a half later, but by then half the raid had logged. Ah well. I got some archaeology done while waiting and reposted all my glyphs to AH.

One extra thing. I got a wow mail from another disc priest who had occasionally been all social and gushing over my awesome gear, asking if we were recruiting for a hardcore raid spot. I referred him to our heal lead, of course, but also suggested that it's unlikely, as we're way oversaturated on healing. When I logged on later, our heal lead was online, and I told him about the person I'd sent his way. Apparently, before I'd even gotten the mail, one of our non-raiding officers had invited the priest to guild. Our heal lead seemed very angry about this. I armoried the new dude and he doesn't even have 359 average ilvl, he's around 355. That's terrible this far into 4.2. There's no excuse for not having 2-3 valor point 378 pieces to pull you up. Having 359 average ilvl means you're ready to start tier 11 heroics, not the tier 12 heroics we're working on. Most of us are all up at 372-376. This priest is no threat to me, but I do expect some drama in the future. Maybe it'll be epic enough to spill out of /o so I can see, too. :P

No raids, so I spent the evening playing eve and reading Imager by Modesitt. I'm still trying to build up gallente rep and corp rep at my new home by blitzing through 1's so I can start doing 2's. There's a security and a mining 2 at my home. I wonder if the mining 2's might be fun. :P I read on forums that one way to push up your faction rep is to do the career tutorial agents of the other factions, so I spent some time training gallente frigates, so I can use the tutorial frigates. I'll see how that goes tonight.

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