Thursday, August 25, 2011

Games 08/25/2011

Sometimes I have days where I just accomplish absolutely nothing.

Yesterday I got home and started up warcraft. Moved some glyphs that didn't sell back up onto the ah where they can fail to sell again. Wasn't really in the mood for molten front dailies, but I did check deepholm to see if the rock chip pet daily was up. It wasn't.

I was sleepy, so I went to bed early in the evening, woke up around 4 this morning. Read for a bit, then pulled up Eve. Decided to do some exploration. Found two nifty things one system over. A combat site that is supposed to have expensive loot and a wormhole into a C1. Started with the combat site. Pretty standard, clear the first room so you can go the second, kill everything in the second. Except some asshole showed up while I was clearing the first room and jumped straight to the second, killed the faction loot guy right away. I mean, really, dude. I was already in the place clearing it. That was just rude. >.<

So I checked out the wormhole. Got in, looked around. No nifty things like pulsars or black holes, alas. No combat sites. >.< Only three other signals. Spent forever trying to track down the first one, a gravimetric site. Checked it out, had an arkanor rock in it, a few others like dark ocher. But I don't like gravimetric sites in wormholes, I'm never comfortable with them. I don't have a good mining ship yet, just an osprey. So I'd have to bring in the osprey and jet can mine, run away when things spawn and get my drake to clear them, bring back the osprey until I've mined a can or so, then bring in my badger to pick it up. It's lots of switching around, lots of bringing ships through a wormhole that I know will disappear within a few hours. I'm not brave enough for it. Maybe when I have a mining barge. :o

The other signals were wormholes. One lead to low sec, so I didn't bother with it. The other was the one that I came into the system through. Felt like an idiot when I finally scanned it down and oops, it's right next to my bookmark for the exit. >.<

So I ended up spending an hour or so in eve and accomplished not a single thing. Oh, I did run to a school and buy the mining barge skill. I'm a day from a retriever. Maybe I should hardcore up on the mining, get to a hulk. Would you want to fit a core launcher to a hulk or barge? Or do I need to have a second ship around in case I get stuck in the wh? Need to research.

I tried to play oblivion a bit, but it crashed right away. >.<

Then I just read a bit until I had to come in for work. :o

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