Friday, August 12, 2011

Games 08/12/2011

The raid last night didn't go so well. Our class balance just sucks at the moment, 2 pallies, 3 priests, 2 warlocks, 2 rogues, deathknight. We didn't have bloodlust, and were missing a lot of raid buffs. Without lust, they didn't even want to try to work on ryolith, so we just killed him reg. We experimented on reg a bit with seeing how long we can hold staghelm before making him switch. The first attempt lead to a wipe from way too many copies hitting the tank. Second time killed him easy, but I was having real mana troubles by the end.

Then we hit a brick wall at rag. We've killed ragnaros several times before, and while I don't think we've ever killed him without a death, most of our wipes have been in phase 3 with the meteors. Last night we were failing all over. People not getting out of fire, getting hit by waves, standing in the wrong place, etc. Most disgusting is that we kept dying every time at the second intermission from sons reaching the hammer and exploding. Not just one or two sons, but like 2-3 at a time, all from one side. No matter how we switched the dps around, there was  always one side consistently failing on their sons. As a healer, I'm able to slow maybe one of them, and I was trying to help, but there's very little agency for healers at this part of the encounter. We get the raid to that point and then the dps have to get us past it. And they weren't. Three solid hours of wipes and then a couple of our better deeps logged on and were subbed in and we killed it second attempt after that. Still, what a huge waste of an evening.

But at least firelands are clear for the week already. There's talk of working on sinestra on sunday. We've tried that twice before. A two heals encounter, first tries were me and the pally, then we switched it to me and the holy priest. Might mean that I'm up for sitting next time. Wouldn't mind that, I've got other games to play. XD

Seamless transition to other games. I popped on to eve briefly, set my PI extractors to a new program, double checked my skill queue. Ran a load of junk to jita, brought back a couple C1 goods, 3 days supply or so. I actually spent more eve time yesterday not playing eve. I wrote up a program that tries to find the most added value per power grid of various PI processes. I think it maybe kinda works, perhaps? I decided to write it in python since I haven't really had much experience with python, and I wanted to get better at it. But I'm not so good at the testing part of things. Ah well.

I was talking to a guy in corp chat and I had to realize just how easily distracted I am in Eve. I started out all 'zomg, I'm going to be the best miner I can be' and then realized I should maybe do some missions to get rep so I can have a better refine rate, and was all 'ima pve in my battlecruiser with missiles, pew pew!', and then I  realized just how much fun it is scanning for stuff using probes, finding radar sites, getting escalations, etc. And now I'm all hardcore pursuing setting up planetary interaction. Wonder what I'm going to latch onto next? :P

I touched in briefly with Oblivion. Did the mission where you kill off the gang of women who were stealing from men by luring them out to a farm outside anvil. Found a nifty ruin full of vampires, that I didn't want to deal with yet. I'll wait till I'm a bit higher before dealing with the whole vampirism thing. One thing about Oblivion, I remember back when it came out they were touting how the landscape was generated using all these climate models and whatever, to be realistic. The problem is that this makes it fairly boring. I always compare to the Gothic series of games, another huge wide open world, but in Gothic the maps all feel very crafted, refined to provide an experience and promote exploration. In gothic I find myself checking around turns and little depressions, finding out of the way chests/lootable corpses/etc. In oblivion, I start to do that and quickly realize that no, there isn't anything interesting there. Just more boring hills. All the interesting things are at marked sites, usually in another area you get to by clicking a mine door or ruins entrance. The outside world has nothing worth paying attention to, so when I'm outside I pretty much just stare at my compass as I go, waiting for marked sites to pop up on it. Is a shame, since the world is so pretty. But so useless. Oblivion is a game that doesn't need an overworld map. If leaving an area just presented you with a list of other areas to go to and you could click where you want to go, it would be the exact same game experience. That seems a shame.

Heard about an interesting game on Zero Punctuation called The Bastion. The review looked pretty good! When Yahtzee says a game isn't horrible, that's quite a strong endorsement. :P I'll buy it when I get home.

Sigh, wish I was home now. Work is so boring. And I've already gotten more accomplished this week than I aim to achieve, so today is just sitting around keeping busy, and trying not to get stressed. I was reading The Lord-Protector's Daughter by Modesitt, but I finished it. I have the next book in the series, but it's a hardcopy, at home. And hours to go before I can leave. >.<

My mood: Meh. 5/10

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