Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Games 08/10/2011

Yesterday was a raid night. We did heroic shannox, regular beth'tilac, alysrazor, and baelorac. The raid actually ended early because we didn't want to go work on heroic ryolith without bloodlust. Was fairly uneventful. Apparently we got a new healer, a tree, and he got rotated in for some trash and a couple fights. I'd judge that he's better than our holy pally, but not as good as our holy priest, and certainly not me. I'm happy to switch things up now and then, gives me a chance to skip a night or two, avoid burnout, but changing classes or adding peeps makes it harder to compare older logs to current logs. With a druid instead of a pally, I spend less time prayer of healing spamming and more time pre-bubbling or topping off the tanks. I'm still ranking more often than not. I usually beat my previous record by a very tiny amount of hps each week. Suppose it means my gear is slightly improving or I'm getting that much better at anticipating incoming damage.

For eve I actually spent a lot of time not actually playing eve. I'm working on a planetary interaction spreadsheet. Is fun times. I did run my industrial back to jita to sell off a bunch of stuff and pick up a load of biomass. Not much more to say.

I played oblivion more. Cleared a couple mines, explored a bit, leveled, got some iron armor. Still haven't bothered with any quests yet. I'm just enjoying the world. I'll probably start joining the guilds soon, doing their early stuff. The quests in oblivion are particularly poorly done, with so many just having you run from npc to npc talking to them. Where's my 'go clear out this dungeon so we can begin excavating ancient artifacts' type quests that were in morrowind?

Markets bounced up a bit. Dead cat bounce? :-/

My mood: Feeling fairly calm. Enjoying spreadsheeting. Bit anxious about a work meeting that's coming up. 5/10.

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