Thursday, August 18, 2011

Games 08/18/2011

Busy busy day at work. Haven't really had time to read blogs and post stuff. :o

Yesterday's gaming was rather weak. I didn't play very much, and when I did I quickly got bored and switched between games, hoping for one to catch my attention. I ended up getting maybe an hour of oblivion, running around clearing caves and ruins. Perhaps an hour and a half on eve, setting up my fourth PI planet and hauling low level commodities around, running a couple missions.

I actually spent most of the evening reading. First Lady-Protector by Modesitt, and then starting on Hyperion by Simmons. I really enjoy Hyperion, it really draws you in. I love the priest's story most, I think. Kinda :-/ on Kassad's. Martin's is interesting, but doesn't hold up on multiple reads. Rachel's story is so sad, it almost always makes me cry as I read through it. Lamia's story should be more interesting than it is. It's ok, but for such a central thing, setting up books 3-4, it should have more to it. The consul's story always bores me. I wish we could learn more about the true voice of the tree's story. I've always been crazy curious about it, and it goes entirely unexplained. Tragic!

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