Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Games Introduction

My intent with my 'Games' posts is to briefly discuss what's happened in each game I play recently, what new games I'm playing, my thoughts about my play, etc.

A quick introduction to my games.

World of Warcraft is my primary MMO. I play a blood elf disc priest in a fairly hardcore progression guild. I am not a part of the guild leadership, nor do I want to be. I tried that for a couple years and burnt out from the stress of it. Being another cog in the machine has its disadvantages, but I'm happier for it. I am very well geared, one of the top healers on my server. I also have very high output, I'm a strong healer. I do sometimes get tired during long play sessions and my execution suffers, especially on high movement fights. My guild is currently working on heroic firelands encounters.

My secondary MMO is Eve Online, which I just took up again a couple months ago. I'm a carebear in empire space, spending my time missioning, mining, and doing exploration. My corp is fairly smallish and comprises some promising noobs (like me) and a few older players who were stressed out from heading out to nullsec and came back for a more relaxing environment in empire. My home system is in Everyshore at the moment, but I'm trained and using caldari ships, missile tech route.

I've been busy with my MMO's lately, but I have many regular games I enjoy, mostly RPG's or business/god simulations.

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