Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Warcraft patch 4.3 and the latest hotfixes

So everyone is abuzz about the new announcements for WoW. How can I not add my own piece? :P

So in the future there will be new stuff. A new raid, new 5mans, some cosmetic stuff. More of the same! I suppose I'll care more about it as we get closer and when we've finished current content. Forget about the future stuff for now, it's not so relevant.

Right now, we've got some changes to tank threat mechanics and some nerfs to current content. I already wrote a thing about the threat changes on Tobold's blog, so ima just recopy it here, as it pretty much says my thoughts on things.

People seem too focused on how "they're making tanking easier" instead of on the more relevant "they're making dps not limited by the quality of their tank".

The main problem in group or multiplayer play is when another player is able to prevent you from enjoying the game as much as you would otherwise.  Look how this applies to a 5 man.

- If you get a bad healer, the tank's life is a lot more hectic, he has to spend more time working to stay alive instead of relaxing.

- If you get a bad tank, first your healer is stressed from having to keep him alive, and the dps are stressed from having to keep from pulling aggro.

- If you get a bad dps, it almost doesn't matter. A bad dps makes the tank's life easier. As long as all 3 aren't bad dps, it doesn't really affect the healer at all, as long as he has enough regen. The other dps aren't affected either.

Bad healers stress the tank, bad dps stress nobody, bad tanks stress everybody. It's unbalanced! What this change does is fix things so that a bad tank isn't as stressful to work with for a dps.

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