Friday, August 19, 2011

Games 08/19/2011

Woot! Heroic Rhyolith down!

It's kind of odd. We went into the encounter right at the start of the raid and had a couple really good attempts. Low stacks, good add control, everything fine, but then we wiped on the first stomp because lava flows were in our group up point, or because we weren't grouped up enough. We then had a bunch of really crappy attempts, for like two and half hours, getting overwhelmed by adds, getting up to 15 stacks and losing peeps, turners screwing up and even letting him hit the lava. Really, we were failing all over the place. People were losing hope and slacking off. Even I was a bit, although the larger part of that is that my performance starts to fall after 10:30 or so. I get sleepy. :o And then out of nowhere we had a spectacular attempt, got to phase two and killed him, no deaths! Was amazing.

I was surprised by the amount of jubilation from my fellow raiders. Apparently everyone really hated that boss. I didn't much care for him, but he wasn't that different than several of the other bosses we've done. I think 90% of their hate is that they can't meter whore due to the armor buff on the boss. :o

Anyway, we went on to spend the rest of the night wiping on heroic staghelm. That fight doesn't seem that hard, really. I'm a little skeptical of the strat we're using. We're basically keeping him in cat form almost all the time, just dropping back into scorpion for a moment to drop adrenaline stacks. Then we're moving all around to avoid fire the entire time. I'm very skeptical! I don't see why we wouldn't let him do 3-4 cleaves as scorpion. It would keep his damage debuff down, add longer between orb phases, and by not going beyond 4 stacks, would keep the healing not too difficult. Ah well! I think we might be able to kill him this week, even. It certainly won't take the month it took to get heroic rhyolith.

That would put us in the top 500 guilds in the world. And me in the top 1000 healers. :P That would be happy.

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