Friday, August 5, 2011

Games 08/05/2011

More sad from the markets. Sigh.

Firelands raid last night. Killed heroic shannox fairly easily, once we figured out how to deal with the one person capable of breaking face rage getting face raged herself. :P Slowly pushed through beth, bael. 2 heals for alysrazor, so I volunteered to sit, as I'm not so confident of my execution on that fight, and it was getting late anyway. Think they might have gone on to try ryolith a few pulls. shrug. That's the focus for sunday's raid. I worry that we'll spend too much time against ryolith and both not get him and not clear the rest of the place. That would be fail all around.

In eve I ran a few more 2s, then got bored and decided to do some exploration. Lots of boring combat sites, archaeology site with some crap t1 salvage, radar site with all empty containers (tragic). Did get one escalation from a combat site. Lead me all around and eventually into lowsec (scary). Got a lot of faction ammo that I won't use and sells for crap, and the end reward was a high meta pirate faction passive armor hardener (against thermal? I think? forget). I'm a shield tank, but hey, it's one more thing to add to my collection of nifty stuff. Sells decently too, 10-15 million isk, if I'm suddenly caught short of money.

Disagreed with a politics post over at troll racials are overpowered. Klepsocovic seems to think that everything sucks because 'we clearly do not have equal wallets and never will' and that we need big government to fix all this. Because the horri-bad guy that is so unproductive he can't get a job lifting boxes for minimum wage is totally as valuable to society as a doctor with his own private practice making 300k a year, amirite? XD

Gevlon had an interesting post where he suggests that people need to be careful not to invest money in things that other people don't value as much as you would. A very odd position from this anti-social type person. I commented that it was a bad decision to trade away your own happiness (clearly the ultimate value) merely for more money (which has no intrinsic value itself). Oddly enough my comment got moderated and didn't show up. heh.

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