Thursday, August 4, 2011

Games 08/04/2011

The markets are making me sad and I wish I owned more gold. >.<

Ah well! Didn't have much time to game last night, as I had late meetings at work, so this will be a quick update. :P Didn't get home till 6.

I checked in on WoW to see if we were going to try to run today, since we missed yesterday. Alas, we were not. Ah well, raid tonight. Assuming our MT can get online. XD

For Eve Online, I finally got enough standing to start doing 2's at my new home. And since I'd grown so used to blitzing 1's in my cruiser, I figured I'd better upgrade, so I got my first battlecruiser, a Drake! This thing has such a crazy tank, I'm sitting at like 14k shields, compared to the 3k my cruiser has. I spent some time gathering up stuff for it, shield extenders and such, and then ran a bunch of 2s. I decided to try out mining 2s and was totally disappointed. Takes forever, not to mine, but to get from asteroid to asteroid, and then from can to can in my industrial. I'll pull back from mining missions until I have some sort of mining barge.

I also started planetary interaction! I picked an ice planet and I have like no PI skills, so I'm not doing it very well, but I started extracting resources and turning them into P1 products. Set it up real quickly last night without really understanding all that goes into it, and this morning I had 100k isk worth of metals. That's like nothing, but presumably it scales as you get more skills and turn stuff into p2s, p3s, etc, and it's entirely passive.

Had a thought. In eve, the primary denomination of currency is misk, million isk. With high end stuff being talked about in terms of billion isk, a thousand misk. I suppose that must mean that Eve uses the short scale for billions! By the long scale, a billion is a million millions, not a thousand millions. A thousand millions is a milliard. Does that mean iceland uses the short scale too? Or did they switch it to be more comfortable for Americans? Who knows!

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